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Berlin is sometimes called the "atheist capital of Europe"

Planting churches and making disciples in Jesus' name.

Internship opportunities

What's happening at ECM?

Launching NZ Mission Internships

heather-morse-dtYKY3uSjUk-unsplash.jpg In a year like this, one would normally not recommend the launching of new initiatives, much less those involving travelling or long-term planning. However, missions seldom advance according to human expectations or timing and, when God opens a door, all that it takes is a courageous faith to jump through it. full story

Interest Groups

Interest Groups.png It's been a journey!... from seeing a need for connection and interaction on a peer level with common areas of interest, conceiving a possible solution, seeing if the idea will work in practice, a pre-launch in June and now finally to it all coming to fruition... THE INTEREST GROUPS ARE HERE!! full story

"That's the tremendous thing that God is doing..."

Headphones.jpg 'What's that?' you may ask!
Did you miss Jim Memory's interview on UCB1 this month? You can catch up with it here... full story

NZ Internships

Are you a New Zealander interested in Missions? This can be the opportunity for you!

Where we work

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Opportunities in Europe

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