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From football... to Christ

News Stories (2).pngNovember - 23 - 2022 15:16 As the football world cup goes on this month, here is a story about how football can open doors for the gospel in Andalusia, Spain. full story

Short Term Gain

jeshoots-com-mSESwdMZr-A-unsplash.jpgNovember - 15 - 2022 13:20 How does short-term missions impact those who go as well as those who receive them? full story

Caring for Ukrainians in Croatia

News Stories.pngNovember - 11 - 2022 12:53 That week, I found myseld practising very much the virtue of listening. I wish you could listen the heartbreaking stories of Ukrainian refugees and, at the same time, the wonderful testimonies of God’s love, protection and provision. full story

ECM Prayer Days in Spain

News Stories.png PRAYER DAYS DÍAS DE ORACIÓNOctober - 25 - 2022 14:03 ECM workers in Spain got together for three days of prayer, fellowship, mutual encouragement, fun and, of course, food and coffee. The Prayer Days included a visit to a prospective ECM ministry in the Camino de Santiago in Vizcaya. full story

14 days of helping refugees

312241005_1148773039077098_418881889903673964_n.jpgOctober - 18 - 2022 12:04 Our partner HowWillTheyHear is in the middle of its 14 days of prayer for refugees in Europe and beyond. Here is Day 5. full story

God is good at all times

Ukraine Prayer Alert (news)October - 11 - 2022 12:02 "We could feel people were praying for us, because most of us felt peace inside of situation. All of us are doing ok, nobody is in panic but the uncertainty is back. Thank you for your prayers and care. God is good at all times." full story

Standing Together with Ukraine

News Stories.pngSeptember - 22 - 2022 12:18 This Autumn, ECM is organising a Ukraine UK tour. ECM Ukrainian workers Kostya and Viktoria will be visiting several churches in the UK to share their experience of serving God during the war. Come, be informed, be inspired. full story

A true life changing experience

STM Stories. Leah in Ireland 2022September - 15 - 2022 13:47 Leah Houston has spent four weeks serving in Ferrybank, Waterford, Ireland. This missionary experience has helped her grow in her understanding of the Church, missions, and God. read here how she shares her experience serving with ECM in Europe. full story

Equipping the next generation

STM Stories.pngSeptember - 08 - 2022 11:26 At ECM we are passionate about equipping and investing into the lives and calling of the next generation. That is why we have short-term opportunities in Europe for those who want to explore the missions calling in their life.
Read here the story of Dominik, an ECM short-termer in Germany. full story

The first step of many

Shane in Portugal 2022August - 25 - 2022 09:44 "I would recommend that anyone who is interested in cross-cultural mission avail themselves of a short term opportunity like this, simply to get your bearings on what life and mission is like elsewhere." full story

Summer Day Camp for kids in Lviv, Ukraine

unnamed (56).jpgAugust - 04 - 2022 12:07 This year, the idea to do the Summer Day Camp for kids was challenging and bold at the same time. Only four days after it was advertised, 90% of the 60 spots for the camp were filled. 80% of the children were from unchurched families. full story

News from Ukraine

unnamed (53).jpgJuly - 26 - 2022 11:56 Every time we realize that life can stop. Abruptly. Every time we hear the alarm going off, we pray fervently and thank God when it stops. We aren't to waste our time but take a chance to share God's love and the Good News of Jesus. full story

A missionary experience in Spain

Kate in SpainJuly - 22 - 2022 09:10 "God has also taught me that even when it seems like progress is slow and time sometimes feels “wasted,” He is always working, in ways that we don’t often see. He is, undoubtedly, working out His purposes and doing a work much greater than we can ever imagine." full story

The story of Evgen & Diana

Stories from UkraineJuly - 21 - 2022 11:53 Evgen & Diana, with their toddler Benjamin, come from the eastern part of Ukraine, the Donetsk region. They saw their lives disrupted as the war arrived at their doorstep. full story

The ministry of ECMers in Lviv, Ukraine

24.jpgJuly - 14 - 2022 11:44 Our field leader in Ukraine and his wife have created this video report showing and sharing with us the ministry of the ECM team and the church in Lviv, Ukraine. Don't miss it! full story

"Our children and teenagers haven’t had so much laughter and fun since we left our homes in Ukraine"

wesley-tingey-dKCKiC0BQtU-unsplash.jpgJuly - 07 - 2022 11:33 Many Ukrainian mothers and grandmas came to our team after the outreach, and they had tears in their eyes, as they were trying to articulate their appreciation and gratitude. full story

Bringing hope to where it's needed the most

ronak-valobobhai-4qHWTuP_RLw-unsplash.jpgJuly - 01 - 2022 11:28 Despite all the challenges, we all returned to Lviv, hopeful and encouraged by what we had seen, by observing the life coming back to the ruined city, ministry of our colleague workers, and partner churches. They continue to serve and bring hope to where it's needed the most. full story

Trusting God at all times

Armando in GermanyJune - 23 - 2022 10:07 "I am still learning what God has for me and for my future, but this journey has taught me that I don't have to understand God's plan and know everything, as long as I have my trust in God." full story