Ross & Shona McGaughran

Candidates for Austria

Shona and Ross McGaughran

Ross and Shona with Eden & Keziah have finished study at Sydney Missionary Bible College, and are in the process of partnering with churches and individuals across Australia and New Zealand to see Austria reached for Jesus. They are currently in Austria for three months of language learning to get a basic language qualification in order to smooth the visa application process. They aim to move to Austria long-term at the end of 2024.

They long for people in Austria to pick back up the long discarded moral compass of religion, and see instead of dead traditions, a living Christ. They aim to be heavily involved in discipling many to deeper faith in Christ in the Vorarlberg region.

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Anna Tovey

Candidate for Romania

Tovey, Anna

Anna's rich family heritage in missions and personal sense of God's calling to serve over the years has led her to work in Romania and Kenya over a period of about 8 years altogether. Since 2023, the calling to Romania has been insistent, and led her to connect to ECM New Zealand. She hopes to connect there with a ministry working in a juvenile detention centre, where she believes her skills can be used.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated as she navigates the various possibilities and seek further guidance from God as to her place and role back in Timisoara. Please also pray for her as she seeks to build partnership connections of ongoing prayer and financial support.

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Féy Cotter

National Director for ECM NZ


Féy and Murray were church planting and disciple making with ECM in Albania from 1996-2002 and then again from 2011 to 2018. From 2013 Féy was also involved in Field leadership in Albania and across the Balkans. When they returned to New Zealand In late 2018 she was appointed as the ECM mobiliser for NZ. Towards the end of 2021 she was appointed as the National Director for ECM NZ.

Féy's primary focus is to facilitate people in New Zealand to join in with what God is doing in Europe, whether this is through 'going' (long term or short term) or 'supporting' (financially or prayerfully) those who feel called to go. 

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Alex & Liz Preotesea-Wagner

Workers in Romania


Liz and Alex with their children Caleb and Luca have recently arrived in Cernavoda, south-eastern Romania. Their vision is to help guide young people away from human trafficking and see families transformed using Alex’s passion for furniture making and Liz’s skills as a lactation consultant.

Liz, from New Zealand, and Alex, a Romanian, previously served in Cernavoda for two years when they were first married. They remain closely connected to the local church in Cernavoda and the Nightingales Children’s Charity, both of whom are involved in the work of preventing human trafficking.

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Candidate for Germany

Caren NZ

Some may say that I am the least likely candidate for such a place: a foreigner, a medical professional and not your “typical” cross-cultural worker. Part of me would agree. Then, there is the other part who looks at Jesus, in the midst of the crowd of hungry people, and comes to Him, offering my few loaves and fish.

I plan to go as someone sent with a special skill-set, to work amongst other healthcare workers and the sick. I also plan to go to be part of a church plant community, with the boldness of Jesus’ promise that the world will know that He is the Christ.

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