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Patchwork Centre, Schwerin, Germany

We live in one of the most atheist regions in the world: East-Germany, former GDR. Most people are not connected to any church or religion, and they do not seem to have any form of religiosity. Many of the socialist housing estates, which were highly appreciated in GDR-times, have now have turned into deprived areas with many social challenges. We believe that this context – a-religious and deprived – is the best place to start planting churches

Partnering with the Freie evangelische Gemeinde (free evangelical churches), we live with a multicultural team in Mueßer Holz, the third part of a big, typical GDR housing estate. Together with people from our neighbourhood, we have turned an empty post office into the 'Patchwork Center': a community center with café, workshop, second hand, music, etc. We love our intensive, dynamic and colourful community, in which everyone gets the chance to discover Jesus. 

We would love to host you for your internship if you are prepared to:

- leave your comfort zone
- actively engage with our (post-socialist, socially challenging) context
- not just to work, but to build relationships

We offer:

- active participation in our missional-incarnational church plant, with a focus on both practical and contextualised ministry (ranging from cleaning the café, supporting the workshop, weekly Bible study, kids group, prayer, worship, etc.)
- a multicultural team environment 
- regular (min weekly) care & support during your stay by one of our leaders 
- the opportunity to visit other church plants in our area
- an apartment in our neighbourhood for 200€/month (if available - otherwise we will search for alternatives) 
- meals and drinks included during daily Patchwork live (Tuesday-Friday)

Financial: You will be expected to pay for the cost of your apartment (200€/month) and to pay for all your private expenses (tooth paste, food, tram, etc.). This will be a maximum of €500/month (depending on your lifestyle – other team members survive on less :-)

Language: It would be helpful, but not necessary to speak German. 

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Schwerin, Deutschland