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Plastic Sea, Almería, Spain

We live in the Plastic Sea, an extension of greenhouses so big it can be seen from space. Our town of 100.000 is home to 100 nationalities, many of who are working in the greenhouses. People come to Roquetas with all kinds of hope, but many find themselves in Spain without work, or exploited, living in difficult conditions and isolated from the Spanish community. We want to reach them with the hope and love of Jesus.

We believe that God is bringing people from places where the church struggles to gain access, to Roquetas - where we can freely share with them about Jesus and his love for them.

Together with people from local churches we are involved in a kids club for local children, many from Muslim families. We give Spanish classes to migrants, and collaborate with a neighbourhood centre that reaches out to Moroccan families with second hand clothing, coffee and conversation. We’re also visiting women trapped in prostitution and hope to develop something for their children.

We would love to host you for your internship if you are prepared to:

  • leave your comfort zone
  • actively engage with our multicultural, multilingual and varied spiritual community
  • build relationships and share your life
  • contend in prayer for the people in our town

We offer:

  • opportunities to be part of Spanish classes, kids club, prayer walks, kids activities
  • a multicultural team environment
  • be part of our close knit team
  • the opportunity to visit other churches in our area

Financial: You will be expected to pay for the cost of sharing an apartment (250€/month) and to pay for all your private expenses (food, bus, breakfasts by the beach etc.). This will be a maximum of €500/month (depending on your preferences :-)

Language: Spanish, Arabic or French would be fantastic but are not necessary